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FREE Clothing Brand Course

If you’re here, I’m willing to bet this might describe your situation: You have some ideas for designs that you think would be great on a t-shirt, so you decide you want to start a clothing line. But you don’t know how to even start the process let alone see it come to fruition. Maybe you’ve even tried to bring your designs to life, but what you envisioned and what you made just… didn’t quite match up.We will teach you how to start and grow your clothing brand in this free course!

Your guide to starting your clothing brand
In this course we will help you lay the foundation and give you tips towards starting your journey as an apparel brand.

Discover Your Audience/Niche Market

The first step is finding where your ideas will be marketed and sold.

Discover Your Business Identity

You'll need a foundation for your brand before you launch out with your product line.

Discover Your Brand's Identity Through Design

In this step, we will attempt to help you develop your brand's identity, appearance and focus for your audience.

Discover Your Brand's Printing Process

One of the most important steps will be establishing a consistent process for producing your brand.

Discover Find Your Delivery Method (Sales Channels)

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